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25 Feb 2009

McAfee Total Protection 2009

McAfee Total Protection 2009 | 80.7MB

Safe Search & Surf

McAfee Total Protection adds safety ratings to web sites and search engine results based on comprehensive spam, adware, and online scam safety tests. SiteAdvisor analyzes the results and rates web sites in detail for unsafe or annoying practices such as dangerous downloads, spamming, misuse of personal information and browser hijacking. When searching with Google, Yahoo! or MSN, SiteAdvisor provides easy-to-understand safety ratings—red (danger), yellow (use caution) or green (safe)—that appear next to search results, helping you make informed decisions.

McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus

McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus extends safety ratings to the links in emails and instant messages, and blocks your PC from visiting dangerous web sites with a "protected-mode" option.

Always Updating

McAfee Total Protection continuously and automatically delivers the latest software updates and upgrades so you are never under-protected or overwhelm by ever-evolving and emerging online threats.

Stops Viruses

McAfee Total Protection automatically guards your PC from viruses, mass-mailing worms, backdoor Trojans and more. It also automatically cleans or quarantines infections with minimal interruption. Other built-in features include:

-McAfee SystemGuards watch for activity that may signal a virus, spyware or hacker is on your PC
-Always active detection that watches key system, Windows, host file and browser settings for suspicious changes such as DNS poisoning (a.k.a. pharming, which can redirect browsers to fraudulent web sites) or activity that can compromise anti-virus security
-McAfee X-Ray for Windows removes dangerous root-kits and other malware that can hide deep in your operating system

Halts Hackers

Constant inbound and outbound monitoring helps McAfee deter hackers, identity thieves and malware programs from robbing data, hijacking your system (e.g., to send spam) or planting viruses that can compromise privacy over dial-up or broadband. Fast "load and go" setup, customizable security levels, visual tracing, smart alerts, full screen mode and intelligent application handling help fine tune security, identify the source of threats and block suspect programs from "phoning home" personal information. Other built-in features include:

-Stealth Mode helps hide your presence online, making your system practically invisible to global hackers.
-HotSpot detection automatically elevates McAfee firewall security when you are not on your trusted network.
-Boot-time protection shields your system from unauthorized connections before security programs are fully load.

Blocks Spyware

McAfee's spyware protection detects, blocks, and removes spyware, adware, and other suspicious programs before they can steal log-ins and passwords (key-loggers), hijack your dial-up connection (Web dialers), track online surfing (cookies) or flood your surfing with annoying pop-up ads. Better protection based on new integrated anti-virus, anti-spyware engine. Now also detects and blocks tracking cookies.

Improves PC Health

McAfee SecurityCenter's dashboard-like display helps you at a glance review your PC's security status and modify it with one-click. You can also easily check for updates, fix potential security issues or view settings in basic or advanced modes.

With built-in McAfee QuickClean technology, McAfee Total Protection helps optimize your PC’s performance, eliminating drive-clogging "Internet build-up" (e.g., temp files, cached files, file remnants, Active X code), unused programs and other unnecessary clutter to free up valuable disk space. It also features a network map that shows the security status of your home network

Secures Your Identity

McAfee Total Protection helps secure personal identification and financial information (e.g., name, phone, credit card, bank account numbers) from transmission over the Internet without permission. Featuring McAfee Shredder, sensitive files can be permanently deleted so as not to compromise your privacy.

McAfee's anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall and anti-spam security work together as a multi-layered shield against multi-faceted identity theft threats that may use a combination of malware to steal files, financial log-ins and other personally identity information. The suite also includes Password Vault, which safely stores Web login-ins, passwords and other personally identifiable information in a secure, password-protected, easy-to-access location.

Prevents Spam & Email Scams

McAfee Total Protection automatically recognizes and helps stop junk email—including identity and credit card scams, virus hoaxes and foreign language spam—from polluting your inboxes while letting trusted email through. Timely anti-spam filter updates ensure that you have the latest protection against spammers. More accurate spam detection, filtering and blocking with fewer false positives (email accidentally labeled spam).

Protects Children Online

McAfee Total Protection helps shield each family member from inappropriate Web content, online predators and chat using age-specific adjustable settings and easy-to-use filtering options. Also, the suite features McAfee ImageAnalyzer that protects children from viewing offensive images online.

Backs Up & Restores Files

McAfee Total Protection provides an automated back-up feature that preserves encrypted copies of irreplaceable photos, music files, videos and documents on CD/DVD, USB or external or network drives. With one-click, you can easily retrieve these archived files.

Network Monitoring

McAfee Total Protection verifies that your home PCs have McAfee properly installed.

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