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16 Jan 2010

Natrang Marathi Movie and Music

Natrang Marathi Movie
Natrang tells the story of a farm worker who is also an amature wrestler. He dreams of playing the king in traditional Marathi theatre. Atul Kulkarni appears as Guna Kagalkar & Sonalee appears as Nayna Kolhapurkar in this film.

Story : Dr. Anand Yadav
Director : Ravi Jadhav.
Producer : Zee Talkies.
Lyrics & Dialogues : Guru Thakur
Cinematography : Mahesh Limaye
Editor : Jayant Jathar
Music : Ajay-Atul
Ex. Producer : Meghana Jadhav (Athaansh Communications, Nikhil Sane
Starring: Sonali Kulkarni, Kishor Kadam, Atul Kulkarni, Sunil Deo, Vibhavari Deshpande and Kishor Choughule


Original Soundtrack (Music - MP3s):
01 Natrang Ubha
02 Katav 01 - Kayal Gavacha Guna
03 Lavani - Vajle Ki Bara
04 Katav 02 - Aehuk Padli Thingi
05 Khel Mandala
06 Katav 03 - Petla Gadi Urela
07 Gavlan - Kashi Mee Jau Mathurechya Bazaari
08 Lavani - Apsara Aali

Atul Kulkarni:

A national award winning actor, Atul Kulkarni of Hey Ram, Page 3,Chandani Bar, Rang de Basanti fame has now taken up the challenge of gaining weight challenge for a Marathi Film. Originally weighing 70 kg Atul gains in the film upto 85 kgs for the first half of the film and he reduced 17 kgs for the second half of the film. And all of these in just about three months, 45 days for gaining and 40 days for loosing weight.

Atul Kulkarni is doing all this for the Marathi film, 'Natarang', Zee Talkies first production.'Natarang' is based on a novel by Anand Yadav, Marathi litterateur and President of this year's Marathi Sahitya Sammelan. 'Natarang' is the story of GUNA, a farm worker from the backwad community, who is an amateur wrestler with ultimate dreams of playing the King in the traditional Marathi folk art Tamasha.

Now first half of the film is completed and Atul is extremely trying hard especially to lose weight with a strict schedule that includes a 12 km run and twice a day gym workout. For the 'Natarang', he has kept himself away from the other projects. From Sepember of the last year Atul is dedicated to this project, neither doing other films nor accepting scripts for seven months. He had kept Maniratnam, Vishal Bharadwaj and some other Hindi directors waiting.

Zee Talkies were very sure that only Atul Kulkarni could play Guna; and without him it was just not possible!

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12 Aug 2009

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